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Welcome to AMON-RA

The Collaborative Project (CP) AMON-RA (Architectures, Materials, and One-dimensional Nanowires for Photovoltaics - Research and Applications) is intended to result in a new type of solar cell, combining advanced nano- and hetero-structures with silicon photovoltaic technology.

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3 April 2012:

6 months before the end of the project, we had a successful meeting at partner JKU in Linz where we could celebrate very promising efficiency results of the devices.

11 October 2011:

Our partner SOL Voltaics organized a successful meeting after year 3 of the project. The meeting was co-organized together with the Nordic project Nanordsun and terminated by two inspiring lectures of Frank Dimroth and Jerry Olson.

20 June 2011:

We congratulate our scientific advisor Jerry Olson to the prestigious Cherry Award from IEEE. The Cherry Award is named in honor of William R. Cherry, a founder of the photovoltaic community. The purpose of the award is to recognize individual engineers or scientists who devoted a part of their professional life to the advancement of the science and technology of photovoltaic energy conversion. It is only awarded to scientists who are still actively contributing to the field.

Read more: www.ieee-pvsc.org & www.nrel.gov

15 April 2011:

The partners gathered for a fruitful meeting at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg.

11 June 2010:

The project partner at Kassel hosted a very fruitful mid-term meeting of the project.

Participants from Lund prepare for the flight back.

16 September 2010:

Approval of Assessment for the first reporting period.

28 May 2010:

Assessment for the first reporting period of the project was send to Brussels.

6 May 2010:

Frank Dimroth from Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg and a member of the AMON-RA team was awarded a top French science honour. Frank will receive the highest-endowed award presented in France for achievements in science, the "Fondation Louis D" award, on 9 June 2010.

Congratulations from the entire AMON-RA team.

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27 March 2010:

We gathered at DTU in Lyngby for a fruitful M18 meeting. Besides discussing next steps the meeting was a platform to start writing the Assessment for the first reporting period of the project.
The next meeting will be in October in Kassel.

23 October 2009:

The project had a very successful M12-meeting in Linz. The meeting was an update on recent progress and we discussed next tasks and how we can deepen the collaboration. We could conclude that we made considerable project and that we certainly will deepen our collaboration and that we do not foresee major problems with the project.
The next meeting will be held in Copenhagen, probably end of April.

Short brake during discussions
Short brake during discussions.

5 May 2009:

AMON-RA Meeting 2009
A Mid-Year-1 meeting was held in Lund where the progress in the project was monitored, information exchanged and new tasks defined. The partner from University of Kassel is now officially in the project. We could state that we made very good progress both in the experimental as well as in the modeling part of the project. A next meeting is planned for the fall.

17 February 2009:

One partner within the project, the group of Bernd Witzigmann, has now moved from ETH Zürich (Switzerland) to University of Kassel (Germany). Thus, officially we have with Kassel one new partner in the project. However, the contract has not been amended accordingly yet.

We wish the group a great time with great results at the new location.

26 January 2009:

New Project Officer - The European Commission has transferred the responsibility of the scientific officer for the AMON-RA project from Dr. Patrice Millet to Dr. Erno Vandeweert.

We wish to thank Dr. Millet for the good collaboration we had during the start up of the project and wish him success with his new tasks. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Vandeweert.

15 January 2009:

New World Record - The AMON-RA partner Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has set a new world record in energy conversion with solar cells with an efficiency of 41.1%. Although the structure used is not part of the AMON-RA project it illustrates the competence within the project team.

Congratulations to the team in Freiburg.

For more information:

41.1% efficiency reached for multi-junction solar cells at ISE

4 November 2008:

The partners from DTU and LU had a fruitful meeting in Lund and exchanged information on ongoing electron microscopy characterization attempts of nanowire samples as well as next samples to be prepared for characterization.

13 October 2008:

On October 12/13, the Kick-off meeting of the project was held at Freiburg. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) was the perfect host for the very first project meeting. All partners participated and we successfully exchanged information on the different sites, the current status of the project and discussed the next steps.

The AMON-RA project team

The picture was taken during the round tour standing close to the demonstration system of concentrator solar cells made by Concentrix.

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